August 29, 2014

closet confidential - monthly link up

I am linking up with Kiki @ in its time and Jenna @ Dearest Love for this month's The Circle monthly link up!

I am not what I would call fashionable. I wear jeans (and the occasional colored pant) and t-shirts or cardigans. But here is a little peak into my closet!

1. What is the newest piece in your closet?
The newest piece in my closet is this sweater cardigan from Target. I got it a couple weeks ago, but I just took the tag of two days ago! I haven't worn it yet, but I love this piece, it's so cute and soo perfect for the fall weather that is right around the corner! I think I will pair it with some dark jeans and a solid top (white probably) and some leather flats.

2. What is the oldest piece in your closet?
I think this is from 94/95. (20 years!?) It belonged to my brother, he was a contestant in a bible trivia game being held... somewhere - not anything on tv, it was held by a youth group or something - but I remember him wearing the shirt there. I don't know if he was on a volleyball team or maybe he got the shirt at a thrift store? I couldn't tell you that... I googled Metro District Volleyball and it kept coming up with things from Colorado, at the time we lived in New York and he had never been to Colorado, so I don't know where this shirt came from. Except for that he wore it on that day as a contestant in a bible trivia game. It has paint stains and bleach marks all over it, so this shirt is mainly used for gardening, cleaning, or anything that I do where I might get dirty and not want to ruin something.

3. What is the least expensive piece in your closet?
I don't care about clothing brands and I don't spend a lot on clothes, and to be honest I couldn't tell you what I paid for most of the things in my closet (I mean I pay attention to the prices at the store, but when I get home... who knows?!). This tank top was given to me by a friend years ago and I love it! It's super comfortable and festive for the 4th of July!

4. What is the biggest bargain in your closet?
Again, like I said above, I don't spend an awful lot on clothes so really it could be anything, but I'm going to say this skirt is my biggest bargain. I got it years ago for maybe $12 or $15 and it's like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Skirt" - except the skirt doesn't travel, but it has fit me perfect at any size I've been no matter what I've gained or lost, it always fit perfectly! It is also really comfortable! The material is similar to that of a t-shirt, very soft and flowy.

5. What is the most expensive piece in your closet?
The most expensive item in my closet is something I've worn only once. My wedding dress. It was $500 which is more than I wanted to spend, but when I tried it on, I couldn't say no! I felt like a princess in the dress! I don't have a current picture of it, so here is one from our wedding day.

6. What two items are you loving right now?
I have three pieces actually, they are all shirts. The first two are perfect for just going to run errands, or a day out. both are from Target. The last one is from Walmart and It's perfect for a casual evening out! In fact last night we went to a rib cook off in town and I wore it for that!

What is in your closet?

In Its Time


  1. Um, so first of all, you take REALLY good photos. I'm pretty sure I could never take pretty photos my clothes. I know it's random, but I thought you had to know. :)

    And I adore your Target cardigan! I love sweaters and cardigans and that pattern is so fun and so fall. You'll have to take some photos of how you style it!

    And I also love that you have a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants skirt! My sisters and I have clothes that we've exchanged/returned over the years but I love that your skirt has fit you over the years. Definitely a keeper!

    Thanks for linking up! Next time you'll have to do a vlog. :)

    1. Kiki! Thank you!! I was going to use my phone, but I pulled out the big guns for the post ;)

      There was another style/color combo there! You should get it! :) I will try to remember to take a picture when I wear it! - It's a bit too hot yet for it though.

      Yay! How fun!! Growing up I always wanted a sister to trade clothes with! haha Yes! It is definitely a keeper!! :)

      I recorded a video and got it uploaded to you tube, but for some reason no matter what I did it was corrupt - all choppy and pixely and then the sound wasn't synced to the video - it's fine on my phone but it wouldn't upload correctly anywhere - even an editing program! I figured it bothered me, so it would most likely bother others too so I didn't post it. :/

  2. Love your clothes Aubrey and I want to steal your t-shirts! Loving tshirts at the moment and that black and white one is gorgeous!!! I love that you put your wedding dress in there! i showed my husband my link up and he was like, um your wedding dress is your most expensive! Total face plant moment! Shame about your video not working but your photos are fab!
    Linking through from closet confidential (albeit a little late!)

    1. Awe! Thank you! So funny, I am actually wearing the black and white one right now! :) haha, yeah, I honestly couldn't think of anything that was expensive in my closet... I figured my dress could count - even though I don't wear it and it's not in my closet... :)

  3. $500 isn't all that bad for a wedding dress, actually! It looks really pretty. Glad it was worth it :)

    1. thank you! It sure was worth it!! :)

  4. I'm loving that walmart find! It looks like it could be from Gap or something. It's so cute!

    1. Thank you! I am wishing now that I would have grabbed more colors!! :)


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