September 01, 2014

September Goals

September is here!!!

August was fun! I turned 28 (what?!) and got to celebrate with my favorite husband! We went shopping at some thrift stores, did crafts, painted pottery and fused glass at the Playful Potter! Well we didn't do the fusing, but we put our design together. We had ice cream cake (my favorite), opened presents, went shooting (I got some more bulls-eyes!), went to the movies, and of course we stayed up late and slept in! 

I also got to celebrate my friend/bride Kyndra at her bridal shower! It was so nice to get to know her mom and her soon to be mother in law!

We also went on a little hike up a hill here called Prison hill. I don't know the reason for the name, but it had a great view of the city!! Check out my hair.. I mean lion's mane! haha It is super windy here, and most often even more later in the evening and this was just at sunset.

So here is how I did on my goals from last month

August Goals
-Celebrate my birthday - check! it was awesome
-Spray paint and hang the rest of our frames - I got all the frames ready (a few of them still need pictures) and hung some of them up, but I have a few left that still need to go up but I need Derek's help because I can't reach up that high.
-Go to the Farmer's Market - sadly we didn't get to go this month.
-Go to Kyndra's bridal shower - Yay! check check check!
-Finish the mirror - YES! I have the mirror finished, but I don't know where to put it yet, I'm debating on hanging it or just leaning it against the wall... I don't know just yet
-Clean the office - Yes! Thank goodness I got this done too because I was starting to get overwhelmed with all the clutter!
-De-clutter at least two rooms - no. I didn't even de-clutter 1 room... in fact I probably added clutter to the dining room because that is where I have stashed all my stuff for the crafts I've been working on...

Onto my goals for this month...

September Goals
-Send out birthday gifts/cards
-Run the Color Me Rad 5k (yay and also eek!)
-Second shoot for my friend KayLynne
-Hang those last few frames
-Shoot Kyndra's wedding
-Decorate for fall

What are your goals for this month?

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