September 01, 2015

september goals

September is here!! (I'm actually writing this on the 31st and I'm so excited because it's pretty chilly out! It really feels like autumn!!! It's 59 degrees outside! Bring on the cold crisp air! (I found that picture above on google, but I'm dreaming of sitting on those chairs with some hot coacoa, a blanket, and my favorite guy!

August was full and a bit stressful, but good! And I know the rest of the month will only be some of the same. I went to some Dr appointments, spent time with my mister, got tattoos, worked a lot, and started taking a pottery class.

August Goals
-Celebrate my birthday :) yay! - yes! Derek even decorated the house and had a confetti popper!
-Start round 2 of the fit girls challenge (you can follow me here if you want!) - I started, and did alright, but for the most part, I let the stress (and birthday celebrations) get to me...
-Go to the doctor's (I've needed to make doctor's appointments for a few years and I finally made the appointments in July - but the last one didn't have an opening until the middle of this month) - yes! I have another one in September too.
-Work on the dresser (I'll blog the process when it's done) - I worked on it, but I got very little done on the dresser this month. I need Derek's help and we haven't been able to get out there.
-Work on our gallery wall - I have some frames I need to order prints for and get hung up - I got some of the frames painted but I still haven't ordered my prints yet.

I'm keeping it pretty simple for September's goals...

September Goals
-Decorate the house for Autumn
-Work on time management
-Go to the doctor's
-Get prints ready to order
-Send out birthday gifts
-Work on dresser
-Go to Pottery classes
-Practice cello

Are you ready for autumn? Have you set goals for September? Share them in the comments below!
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