What is finding joy in nothing?

I first came across this phrase when I heard the song "Joy of Nothing" by Foy Vance

video/interview with Foy Vance
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As he says in his interview - the joy of nothing is the joy of the mundane, the joy of everyday. That is exactly what I take it to be.

I am so passionate about being present in life, obviously we are here, but I want to be present in the everyday. I don't always make it, but I try very hard to be. Look Search for the little things, things that are so normal, that we often forget how exceptional they are. The joy of nothing.

*today's joy of nothing*
-the one speck of glitter sitting on the table next to me as I type this.
-the way the vertical blinds dance from the breeze of the fan.
-the family portrait that was taken years ago with a tripod and timer and the old school clothes everyone is wearing in it.
-the lampshade that was moved out of kilter when I turned it on so that my grandma and I could facetime my mom.
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