December 30, 2014

my year in numbers

My year in numbers

10 Number of snow days 
Number of babies born in my family
19 Number of weddings and photoshoots
27+ Number of crafts done
11 Number of trips taken
26 Number of books read
3 Number of furniture pieces bought  
Number of instruments bought

What is your year in numbers?

December 03, 2014

december goals

Y'all!!! I have been a little M.I.A. lately because I have been a busy busy bee... November was super busy! My mother in love came up to visit - she is in the process of retiring and moving up here (YAY for family!!), then I went to my grandmother's for a couple weeks to help her (she has had some health issues this year and needs assistance in the everyday things), then a few days after I got back we headed down to Las Vegas to visit my mother in love and brother in love for a few days before the holidays and then we were off to Alaska to spend Thanksgiving with my parents! We just got home the other day and I have so much to catch up on!

Like I said, November was busy, but I was able to tackle my goals!!

November Goals

-Spend some quality time just me and my mother-in-love *yes! It is awesome to have her up here to visit and I can't wait until she is up here for good!
-Styled maternity shoot - this was AMAZING!! I can't wait to share these images with you!!! I also had so much fun making the earthy crown for it!
-Spend some time with my grandma - Yes! I loved getting to spend time with my grandma! She passed some amazing family heirlooms down to me, that I will hopefully be able to bring home come Christmas!!
-family shoot - This was so much fun! This family knows how to play together and they are soo cute!!!
-Spend some much needed time with my parents for Thanksgiving - This was such a perfect week! I loved every bit of being home with my parents! (the picture above was taken in their backyard - they have so many beautiful trees on their property!!)
-Edit, Edit, Edit!! - I got most of my editing done, but not all of it but I'm still working!

December Goals
-Continue to edit like crazy
-Do massive amounts of laundry (my least favorite part of coming home from a trip)
-Send out our Christmas cards (I usually like to have them sent out already, but I'm a bit behind this year)
-Deep clean our carpets (We just got a new vacuum - to replace our almost 10 year old one and let me say it is AMAZING!!- and a deep clean carpet cleaner and we started yesterday and it's awesome!)
-Shoot a birth (yay!)
-Get our Christmas tree!
-Host Christmas (hopefully!!)
-Watch all the Christmas movies

What are your goals this month?
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