March 18, 2015

the joy of nothing.

This month I am linking up with Kiki and Katie for the Circle as we talk about the story behind our blog name!

I have started this blog a few times, it was called "The Wife Adventures" and after a few posts, I realized there isn't much adventure going on... so I stopped blogging. Then last year I really wanted to get back into it, and make it stick! I didn't want to keep the name though, it just didn't fit.

And then I remembered my favorite song at the time.

The found life. It's all about finding the joy of nothing. The joy of the everyday, the mundane. And not just keeping your eyes open for it, but searching it, pursuing, it.

I'm not a good writer and I don't have deep thoughtful insights to give you, but I try to be present in my everyday and take joy in the nothings that happen all around. Please don't think I don't take joy in the big things and the everythings, because I do! I just want to remind myself that those nothings are still important and I want to find joy in them in all areas of my life.

I hope that you can find joy here, but more importantly I hope that you can find the joys of nothing in your own life!

*today's joy of nothing*
-waking up early without an alarm
-the grey clouds
-the dirty dishes in the sink because they remind me that dinner was delicious


March 16, 2015

march goals

The month is half over and I am just now getting my monthly goals put up... I dropped the ball here! I was out of town the first week of March and I totally spaced that I missed my timeline... And then by the time I remembered, I had forgot again... so better late than never...

This month, so far, has been amazing!! I celebrated 6 amazing years being married to my most favorite husband. We got to see 2CELLOS in concert and I got to meet them after the show... also they signed my cello!!!!!!!! And later this month I get to go see my grandma and aunt! So this is my favorite month so far...

Last month:

-practice practice practice cello - yes! I am super loving the cello still!!
-continue to practice with hair - I tried a few things, but haven't spent much more time on it... I bought some dry shampoo and hair spray though, that feels like a step in the right direction :)
-drink at least 22 oz of water a day (I know this is way under what I should get, but that is way more than I'm getting now) - I'm not going to cross this one off, because I suck at getting my water in.... I try, but I just don't do it!
-send out birthday cards - Yay! I did this!!!
-work on bookshelf - slow progress, but I did work on it.
-deep clean carpets -woops... I forgot this was even on the list :/
-close on our house (hopefully! oh did I tell you? We are in the process of selling our first home - it's been a bit stressful but hopefully everything will run smoothly and we can close at the end of this month!) - yay! It's done!!!!
-doctor's appointments - check and check

-get cello fixed (there is a small issue with one of the pieces)
-practice cello 5 days a week
-work on bookshelf
-visit my grandma and aunt (but shh! it's a secret, my grandma doesn't know I'm coming!)
-send out birthday cards
-tackle 2 projects that I have been slacking on finishing
-exercise a minimum of 3 days a week
-one week of salads for dinner (I already have the recipes picked out, I just need to go through with it!)

What are your goals this month? It's never to late to set them!

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