March 16, 2015

march goals

The month is half over and I am just now getting my monthly goals put up... I dropped the ball here! I was out of town the first week of March and I totally spaced that I missed my timeline... And then by the time I remembered, I had forgot again... so better late than never...

This month, so far, has been amazing!! I celebrated 6 amazing years being married to my most favorite husband. We got to see 2CELLOS in concert and I got to meet them after the show... also they signed my cello!!!!!!!! And later this month I get to go see my grandma and aunt! So this is my favorite month so far...

Last month:

-practice practice practice cello - yes! I am super loving the cello still!!
-continue to practice with hair - I tried a few things, but haven't spent much more time on it... I bought some dry shampoo and hair spray though, that feels like a step in the right direction :)
-drink at least 22 oz of water a day (I know this is way under what I should get, but that is way more than I'm getting now) - I'm not going to cross this one off, because I suck at getting my water in.... I try, but I just don't do it!
-send out birthday cards - Yay! I did this!!!
-work on bookshelf - slow progress, but I did work on it.
-deep clean carpets -woops... I forgot this was even on the list :/
-close on our house (hopefully! oh did I tell you? We are in the process of selling our first home - it's been a bit stressful but hopefully everything will run smoothly and we can close at the end of this month!) - yay! It's done!!!!
-doctor's appointments - check and check

-get cello fixed (there is a small issue with one of the pieces)
-practice cello 5 days a week
-work on bookshelf
-visit my grandma and aunt (but shh! it's a secret, my grandma doesn't know I'm coming!)
-send out birthday cards
-tackle 2 projects that I have been slacking on finishing
-exercise a minimum of 3 days a week
-one week of salads for dinner (I already have the recipes picked out, I just need to go through with it!)

What are your goals this month? It's never to late to set them!

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