September 30, 2014

september - joy of nothing

*this month's joy of nothing*
-the first sip of my first pumpkin spice latte of the season
-the rain on my wedding from last weekend (my bride was awesome! It didn't even phase her)
-a little bit of me time, to relax and rejuvenate
-being at the gym before 6:30 am
-little snores from a sleeping pup next to me while I work
-having legs so sore from running that you can barely sit down or stand up
-ice cream on a weeknight
-a great big scoop of generosity in the form of an invitation
-a new water bottle (in teal!)
-the sweetest thank you note
-a quiet morning venturing out behind my house to view the cloudy mountains (pictured above)

What joy have you found this month?

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