September 26, 2014

family visit | part 1

A few months ago I was able to go visit my grandma in Southern California, my brother and sister in love were also there visiting with my nephew! For those of you who don't know, I am a photographer, so naturally I used my time there to shoot some home life for them! Here is part 1 of the visit. (also side note, my grandma wanted me to let you all know that her hair doesn't normally look like this, she usually has it permed up nicely, but she had recently fallen and couldn't sit down for the time it took for her friend to perm her hair. About a week after we all left -I went back down to help her out while my aunt was out of town- and I took her to get her perm done and she was so excited and felt so spunky to have "her self" back ;) )


  1. SO many precious photos! Family time is by far the best and I love that you got a chance to take so many photos. :) I especially love those bubble ones. Bubbles are THE best. :)

    1. awe thank you! I know there are a ton! I am the worst at narrowing down haha, but sometimes I'm ok with that, because it truly helps tell the story! I have part two being posted on monday! :) (more proof that I can't narrow it down, so much that I have two parts, but in my defense this was over the course of a week or so!)


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