August 01, 2014

August Goals

August already!? I have been blogging here for 1 month already! Can you believe it! I started a few blogs years and years ago, but never kept up with them, but I was encouraged by Lauren over at Bound by Love, and she gave me plenty of ideas to blog about and a list of blogs she follows that she thought I would be interested in, and I'm so thankful! It's only been a month but already, I've met (online) some awesome ladies and am getting to know (through your blogs) some others! I hope that you enjoy visiting me here and feel like you are getting to know me! I am trying to make it my mission to be as authentic and transparent as I can with you. So for those of you that have visited or commented, and for those of you that will. Thank you so much!!!

This summer has flown by! At the beginning of last month I was still in California with my grandma because she fell. Well a couple days after my July goals post, she fell again! This time two of her vertebrae collapsed. So my month started a bit scary/stressful. We were in the hospital for almost 4 days and per doctor's orders has to wear a back brace and use a walker, as she is not allowed to bend, lift, or twist. But I'm happy to report that she is doing well! My dad is there with her now and I know that she is enjoying the time she gets to spend with her son (and he with his mom!)

I am looking forward to August, because for one, it holds my birth day!! But also because it means we are one month closer to AUTUMN! I love the fall and all the beautiful colors it and cool breezes it brings. And yes, the pumpkin spice lattes...

July Goals
-Watch the fireworks on the lake with my grandma - we did get to see the fireworks, however, because she fell on the 3rd, we watched them from her hospital room.
-Complete my personal challenge with the disposable cameras - I will hopefully be sharing that with you this month!
-Get back on track with exercise and eating - YES! and I feel so much better!!
-Hang up the rest of our frames on the gallery wall - I didn't get to this one, but will be adding it to this month!
-Start one summer craft - I am working on re-finishing a mirror
-Go hiking - we didn't get a chance to go on a hike, but we did make it to the farmer's market!!!
-Spend a whole weekend doing absolutely nothing with my sweet Derek (soaking each other in) - yes, it was much needed because we had both been traveling for the past month!

August Goals
-Celebrate my birthday
-Spray paint and hang the rest of our frames
-Go to the Farmer's Market
-Go to Kyndra's bridal shower
-Finish the mirror
-Clean the office
-De-clutter at least two rooms

What are your goals for this month? Share them in the comments below! Or a link to your blog where you posted your goals!

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  1. Yay for celebrating birthdays and going to Farmer's Markets!


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