August 15, 2014

friday's letters

Dear Handsome Man, I am SOOO happy that you are home! You are all mine this weekend! And I can't wait to just be with you! Dear Girls, I hope you know how incredibly precious you two are! I love you soo very much! Dear Crafts, Thank you for keeping me busy while my mister was away! I have a few more of you to tackle in the next few weeks and I'm already excited! Dear Tahoe, We haven't seen you in a while, we are hoping to make our way up there this weekend for a little hike! Dear Harmony & Emily, Thank you for the craft day, it was much needed! I can't wait to hang out again! Dear Nectarine Tree, You have so much fruit on you and I can't wait till they are all ready to eat! I had one today and they are almost there! Dear Derek, I found a little note in your bag that you had listed your goals on, even after almost 10 years together, I still get butterflies at little things like that, seeing you plan ahead for the future. OUR future!


  1. Um, nectarine tree? SO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS that you have a nectarine tree. They're one of my favorite fruits! I'm going to sound even more like a geek now, but are they white nectarines or yellow ones? Again, so jealous. :)

    And hooray for crafting and craft days! That sounds like so much fun. I need to do some crafting myself because it's been way too long. :)

    1. haha, yes! We are renting so sadly it's not ours per se, but I definitely love being able to take advantage of it. they are yellow ones, I haven't had a white flesh nectarine are they sweeter/bitter? I love nectarines too!! So yummy!!

      Yes!! Go craft!! It's so much fun, I love crafting!!

    2. White ones to me taste sweeter, but I love any juicy ripe nectarine! :)


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