August 04, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was full of fun!

Derek had a test to take up in Reno to get a certification for work, so we made a day of it and drove around town, had pizza at a local pizza shop, then we went to Scheels to look at guns. And we bought one! Our first gun! We got all the accessories we needed and went home and cleaned the gun to get it ready to go shooting! When we got home it was a little too late to head to the shooting range so we headed out to the movies and saw "Edge of Tomorrow" with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt - it was really good!! Lots of action and a good bit of humor too! I highly recommend it and Derek said it was the best movie he has seen in a long time!

Derek had drill, but it happened to be mandatory (for them) family day up at Lake Tahoe! We kayaked, played frisbee in the lake, played a little bit of basketball, had bacon cheeseburgers, slushies, and cotton candy, laid out on the beach, I got to chat with one of the guys fiancé, we got sunburns, and walked on the dock. It was a beautiful day! After Lake Tahoe, we went home and changed and grabbed our gun and went out to the shooting range! I did pretty well! I shot a couple bullseyes, however, I did get burnt by a rogue shell that flew into my shirt... yikes!

We took it easy, I baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast and Derek packed up his suitcase for a trip he is taking for a class (for work). The girls love playing in the suitcase, so before he could even get anything in there, they both hopped in!

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