August 27, 2014

pj chat | vol. 1

So for the past two weeks or so, I have started a bunch of different posts and before I could finish writing, I got interrupted and so I have like a billion drafts half written sitting there waiting to be finished. This was one of them...
I have seen posts like this on other's blogs and I thought it would be fun to start here at The Found Life. I don't remember what everyone else called this little series, but I'm going to call it the pj chat. Why? Because pajamas are my favorite and you can always have a good real conversation when chatting in pjs. And because I work from home in pajamas.


Real life. this shirt is like 4 years old and it has big holes in the armpits (why!? I mean I don't scratch them or anything that would cause holes!) but it is one of my very favorite shirts! oh and today, I had some errands to do so I got dressed and when I got home I went straight for my pjs and when I picked my pants up (they are from target by the way and are the most comfortable ever, however in the picture Target has on their website the chick is wearing heels... I don't know maybe I don't know anything about fashion... but I just don't see these pants (which are like sweat pant material) being paired with heels... or anything but slippers or socks) some tylenol fell out. I put them in my pocket last night to take but I guess I forgot about it and I fell asleep with it in my pocket. woops.

Anyways, I'm just going to get right to it now.

THINKING ABOUT: The future. I am a planner and there is a lot going on... or not going on (I don't know?)... in life right now, and I want to make plans. But each thing depends on something else to happen before we can know if the next thing will happen... which sort of stresses me out.
EATING: String cheese. This has been one of my favorite snacks since middle school! My best friend Liz (Hi Liz!) and I were on the mat crew (we kept score/time, took care of medic stuff like a broken nose) for the wrestling team in high school and we traveled with them to all their meets and we would both bring extra string cheese for each other!
LOVING: The cooler weather! It's just a little taste of Autumn which is just around the corner and I can hardly wait!! All the pretty colors and the scarves and sweaters and of course the pumpkin spice lattes!
WATCHING: Haven. I am a dork when it comes to what I watch on tv... well we don't have cable, we just have netflix. But I love all the syfy shows (Eureka, Warehouse 13) or other science fiction type shows (Dr. Who, Alphas, h20 (a show about mermaids - go ahead and laugh), and terra nova). I have been watching it non stop the past week!
FEELING: Determined. I had a little eye opener today - I couldn't tell you exactly what it was, but I am excited to take on life and get things done!
LISTENING TO: I love singer/songwriter music and lately I've been listening to the Foy Vance Radio on Pandora! If you haven't heard of Foy Vance you should go check him out!! (One of his songs is part of the reason behind my blog name!) But right now I am listening to the hum of my hard drive and the little snoozes of Hubble and Phoebe they are sharing their bed and being so cute!
READING: I just finished the 21st (and most recent) book of the Stephanie Plum novels. I have LOVED this series and I am really really hoping that more come out!! They are funny and exciting!! Such a good read!
THANKFUL FOR: My husband and everything he does for our little family! He works so hard and I think that sometimes I take that and him for granted.

So, that's it! Feel free to join in you can call it the pj chat or whatever you would like!! :) If you do join in, share the link to yours in the comments below so I can follow along!! :)


  1. I LOVE these kinds of posts! I've seen tons of different names for them (currently, taking stock, etc.) but I kind of really like your post title for it best. Speaking of pj's, those Target ones look so comfy! I probably couldn't wear them with heels, but they look so comfy for wearing around the house. :)

    Also, I am so excited for cooler weather! We've had weather in the 90's lately and I'm dying to pull out skinny jeans, cardigans, and scarves. :)

    1. Awe thank you!! Yes!! I don't get the heels but they are perfect for around the house!!! eek! 90's is about as hot as I want to get! Hopefully you'll get some cool weather soon!!!!

  2. Hi Aubrey! I still eat string cheese... Like all the time :) miss ya!!

    1. Ah! LIZ!!! HAHA I love this!! I do too!!! And I always think of you when I have it! Miss you too!


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