July 31, 2014

July - Finding the Joy of Nothing

*this month's joy of nothing*
-watching the fireworks from the window in my grandma's hospital room
-taking selfies with my grandma
-looking through all of my grandma's jewelry and receiving precious heirlooms
-combing my grandma's hair after her shower
-falling asleep on the plane ride home
-relaxing on the couch all day only moving for lunch and dinner
-eating green beans that we grew in our own garden
-browsing the farmer's market
-walking to the store (from my car) in the pouring rain
-having sore legs from the gym
-the smell of sleep in my husband's hair

What joy have you found this month?


  1. Ooh, I LOVE this post series of yours! I'm all about finding and enjoying the little blessings in life and this seems like just the post series to encourage me to keep doing that. :)

    I definitely know the whole post-workout sore feeling. It's definitely not enjoyable while working out, but it feels good, right? And I also love those moments that you mentioned with your grandma. Family is THE best.

    1. Thank you Kiki!! Yes, I love how I feel after a workout, now I just need to remember that every time so I keep going ;)

  2. I love this! Your joys in "nothing" inspire me to see the joys in my life that could be easily overlooked.

    1. Thank you! That is awesome! I'm glad that it has helped you see joy in the little things!


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