July 04, 2014

Friday's letters

A long long while ago, I found this sweet blog of a husband and wife who wrote letters to each other. I enjoyed reading their letters from the day. I thought I would love to have a similar collection for myself. I have seen other bloggers post about "Friday's letters" and I think I will jump on that wagon.

Dear Derek, You sure are my favorite! I love getting random texts from you through out the day just asking how my day is going! Also, you rock! I'm so proud of you for 1st place in your age group at your race today! Dear Fireworks, I am going to miss you tonight! You are so sparkly and fun! Maybe we will be able to see you from the window. Dear Grandma, I am so thankful for this time we have together! I have loved getting to know more about your life and just hang out together! I hope you start to feel better soon! Dear Water, Why is it so hard for me to get enough of you?! Dear Cindy, I am glad that you were finally able to have your surgery and that I could be here to help you out. I hope that you are feeling back to yourself in no time! Dear America, Happy Birthday YO! Dear Southern California, You have so much green! I love that everywhere I look there is some beautiful plant! Dear Derek, I miss you! I haven't seen you much this month with all our traveling and I can't wait to be home with you!!

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