July 28, 2014

some of my favorite instagrammers

I love instagram! It's so fun and I am often inspired by the way people see the world and how they capture it! So I wanted to showcase a couple of instagram accounts I really enjoy following!

Theron Humphrey. He and his sweet little maddie the coonhound go on adventures and document their days! I first found his account some years ago and fell in love with seeing this cute little dog balance on the craziest things!

Jeremy Roloff. I love this guy's work! The way he sees the world around us is inspiring. It makes me feel. I love when an image makes me feel, feel the light breeze, hear the quiet chatter of friends in the background, smell the old wood. Its like cozying up with a warm blanket and a cup of hot cocoa looking at his work! 

(tuna in action) (more tuna in action)
Oh Tuna! This little pup just makes me giggle because he is soo cute! Tuna is a chiweenie born with an overbite and he couldn't be any cuter!!

Who are some people you enjoy following on instagram?


  1. I LOVE finding new people to follow in Instagram. I started following This Wild Idea a few weeks ago after reading an article on Theron. Love their adventures. I also had NO idea that Jeremy Roloff was such a great photographer. I went through a slight time of obsession with Little People, Big World. Also, I love that his about me on his website is one, long continuous sentence! :)

    1. ME too!! It was a family past time for us to watch it when the show first came out! He is an amazing photographer! I love following his work!! His bride to be is beautiful too (she is the beauty in the first photo up above) and they are both such Godly people! I love when people bring glory to Him in what they do!


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