July 14, 2014

last week in review

This past month has been pretty stressful and hectic, but at the same time, very very good. I spent most of the month in California helping my grandma because she fell. Early in the month, my brother and his family had planned on visiting her and I was going to go there to visit as well. The week before I was supposed to leave my house to head down there, my grandma fell. So I quickly and unplanned-edly (that's a word right) packed and headed to my grandmother's the very next day. I was down for about two weeks, came home and then left about two days later to go back while my aunt was out of town. While I was down there the second time my grandma fell again, but this time the fall was a little bit more serious. Last week I got home, and as happy as I was to get home to my sweet Derek and the fur-kids, I was sad to leave her! Here is my recap of last week!

Monday: After the second fall, my grandma got admitted to the hospital because as a result of the fall two of her vertebrae collapsed. She has to wear a back brace (you can sort of see part of it in the picture on her -the right of the picture-) and is restricted from bending, lifting, and twisting. The hospital ordered at home physical therapy for her. So Monday the physical therapist, Trevor, came by to assess my grandma's condition and add her into the system as a new patient, which meant a lot a lot of questions!

Tuesday: Trevor came by again to get the physical therapy started and to walk me and my aunt through everything that my grandma needed to be doing, so that we could help her stay on top of it all. My grandma had lung cancer last year and the Doctors removed part of her lung, and as a result she has C.O.P.D. and gets anxiety/stressed very easily, but also she gets very winded with minimal activity. So after physical therapy she took it easy and rested the rest of the day. I laid in bed with her and we chatted for quite a while and we took "selfies" together!

Wednesday: I flew home on Wednesday, it was a long day of flights, but I got to read on one flight, and then got to sleep on the other! I also got a seat in the very front of the plane just two rows back!

Thursday: After being gone (and away from Derek) almost all month, he had to fly to Las Vegas for work the day after I got home! He worked all day, so we left a little early to take him to the airport so we could stop and have a mini date at Chipotle!

Friday: I worked all day on Friday! It was unofficially my first day back in the office since I had been gone. I say unofficially because I was still working in California when I had some free time, and because I wasn't in the office for much on Friday. But while I was in the office, I got some of my month's blog posts planned/scheduled!

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  1. So glad you're home now. And you're such a sweet, caring granddaughter to go take care of your grandma. Excited for all your blog posts! Love you sweet friend.


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