January 21, 2015

things i like

A little bit ago, I wrote a post about things I didn't like and I thought I should share some things I DO like. And since I know you are dying to know, I'll get right to it.

1. An unmade bed.
There is just something so inviting about an unmade bed, it's like all day your place is being held, like a bookmark holding the page in your favorite book.

2. Synchronized things.
It makes my heart happy to see things move in synchronization! Especially cute kittens.

3. Jimmy Fallon.
He is just a likable guy. His big smile and how he plays games with his guests on his show or maybe his thank you notes, or #hashtags. I mean, who wouldn't like Jimmy?!

4. Parks and Recreation.
Because duh. We love this show! Every character has LITERALLY found a way into our hearts! If you are a fan, check out this list of 20 things that are awesome. My favorite is number 20. Classic.

5. Target.
No explanation necessary.


  1. I completely agree with the unmade bed. Steven is OCD and is much happier when the bed is tightly tucked and made. This was one area I compromised on... But I DO prefer the comforter folded back... It's so much more welcoming!

    1. Yay! I thought I was the only one! haha! :) I wonder if it's the military side of him? My husband, dad, and brothers all prefer the bed made. :)

  2. I smiled when I saw you included Target in your list because, well, Target really is awesome. :) We need to go to Target together someday!!!


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