February 03, 2015

february goals

January is already over. It went by slow and quick at the same time. It's weird how time works isn't it. We watched the movie Interstellar a couple weeks ago and they talk about time dilation (which, in theory of relativity, is an actual difference of elapsed time between two events as measured by observers either moving relative to each other or differently situated from gravitational masses), it's so confusing, but also so intriguing and sort of sad. That's how I feel about time sometimes.

This month, I really dove into my cello lessons/practicing and I love it! Y'all the cello is the most beautiful noise I've ever heard! I often get carried away while practicing just playing nonsense just to hear it! And sometimes I get distracted during my lessons when my teacher plays something that I'm supposed to be paying attention to... I just can't get enough of it! We also helped my mother in love move into her new place - she moved up here with us in December and wasn't able to move into her place until the middle of January. She is all moved in now and I think she really enjoys it! However I am sad that she isn't here! We would stay up and watch netflix together! :)

My goals for last month were:

-Set budget - we have had an ongoing budget for a few months, but we just haven't followed it yet. 
-Prepare blogs  - blogs are done and done!
-Try 2 new recipes - we got a stand up kitchen aid mixer (which is AWESOME) and my mother in love got us a cookbook for it, and we tried quite a few recipes from it and they were all DELICIOUS!
-Practice cello (oh by the way, I got a cello and it's amazing)  - Yes! I try to get a minimum of an hour in 5 times a week, but sometimes I just can't stop and I get in a bit more - which is fine by me!
-Donate blood (or platelets whichever is needed more) - completed! Derek and my mother in love even came too!
-Practice doing my hair - y'all. I tried this... for like two hours! I suck! I tried almost everything I was able to do from pinterest and none of them worked or even looked half way decent! I tried all the ones that said "Super easy and super quick!" even the sock bun which sounds pretty fool proof, bested me! I tried that one for 30 minutes alone and all I got was a sock stuck in my hair, and not in a bun! Someone come move in and do my hair every morning!

on to February!

-practice practice practice cello
-continue to practice with hair
-drink at least 22 oz of water a day (I know this is way under what I should get, but that is way more than I'm getting now)
-send out birthday cards
-work on bookshelf
-deep clean carpets
-close on our house (hopefully! oh did I tell you? We are in the process of selling our first home - it's been a bit stressful but hopefully everything will run smoothly and we can close at the end of this month!)
-doctor's appointments

Do you have any goals for this month!?

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