January 05, 2015

Things that make me weird

1. I'm an incredibly awkward voicemail leaver. "I'm calling you..this is Aubrey, and I'm leaving you a message, because, I'm wanting to ask you if you.... Can you please call me back, my name is Aubrey and my number is..."

2. I very often have ridiculously detailed and mostly incomprehensible dreams. For example, the other day I dreamt that I was conducting interviews to work at this new fast food joint  (I wasn't the manager, in fact I don't even think I worked there, but for some reason I was doing the interviews/hiring) and out of all the people I interviewed I ended up hiring a bulldog wearing a hat, and a baby who had just learned how to walk.

3. I ask my dog and cat if they had a good breakfast/dinner/day. I also tell them to have a good day when I leave the house.

4.  I have a contact for both my dog and my cat saved on  my phone I may or may not have a fake number and email address too.

5. There are certain words that I just can't seem to get right. I know the difference between the words, but when I need to say them, for whatever reason, my mouth can't get them right...

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