January 01, 2015

2015 & January Goals

What up 2015. Nice to meet ya! I can't believe you are here already, however I feel like I say that every year... heck I say that every month!! 

The last few months of 2014 kept me busy/stressed but good all the same.

2014 included lots of: tears, laughter, trips to see family, trips to see friends, adventures with my mister, crafts, new friends, photoshoots, hospital trips with my pup, learning new skills, cooking, baking, puzzles, gym trips, memories, snow (not so much a lot, but some), handwritten letters, book reading, soul searching, forgiveness, failures, not good enoughs, growing, let downs, hospital trips with my grandma, lounging, new pajamas, sparkling cider, inside jokes, and new beginnings.

I set goals for myself on New Years Day last year, and I'll just be honest with you... I did maybe 3 out of the dozen! So I won't even recap those, just know that they weren't a big deal, and they did get done. 

I think I my eyes are bigger than my stomach on these goals -  I think about how it would be so awesome to do all these things, and I get away with myself... So I'm going to be modest and set just a few habits I'd like to make in the new year, and I'm going to pick a word for myself for the year.

2015 Habits
-Be present - in the everyday, in my family's lives, and in friend's lives
-Be intentional - with words and with actions 
-Be time conscious - I get carried away and distracted

This is the word for the year, I want to step outside of my comfort zone, trust God. I want to meet new people, do new things, be transparent, be open, be accepting, I want to be brave. This is something I'm totally not, I am very much a creature of habit and a homebody. It's time to break out and be brave. 

As for January... here are my monthly goals

-Set budget
-Prepare blogs
-Try 2 new recipes
-Practice cello (oh by the way, I got a cello and it's amazing)
-Donate blood (or platelets whichever is needed more)
-Practice doing my hair

Are you ready for this new year? Have you set goals or habits, or maybe you picked a word for yourself too? Share them with me below!! :)

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