November 13, 2014

so what, who cares

I am a happy, mostly agreeable person (see above). I like a lot of things, I over use the word love (but not disingenuously), everything is my favorite. But there are some things that make me say "so what, who cares". (side note: If Derek or I get upset or frustrated or stressed -about anything- the first thing we do (besides pray) is say that phrase, in that accent, with that face. And instantly we feel better - try it!) So in the case that you were wondering what makes me say "and the other thing is... so what." here are a few of them.

Fine print: The thoughts and words in this post are my own, I'm not asking you to see my point of view nor am I asking for you to try to sway me in another direction. I do not judge anyone who has different opinions nor am I trying to offend anyone who feels differently.

1. Frozen and the song Let It Go.
So what, who cares!?
To be honest, I think this one could have possibly been because I watched it way after it came out and there had been so much hype about it, so I had high expectations that I was going to be IN LOVE with the movie. But I watched it and all I could think was "meh"... and the song, while catchy, is not that great.... maybe I just don't like the lady's voice (which I don't really care for - not that she isn't good, I just don't care for it...) but I have heard other covers of the song and wasn't wowed. Probably the only thing I liked about the movie was that the frozen girl shoots sparkly snowflakes out of her hands! Frozen, I'm over you, but to be honest, I was never under you. (Friends reference anyone??)

2. Wine (or any alcoholic anything for that matter).
Who cares?!
Just yuck. I can pretty much taste alcohol in anything and I don't like it. I've heard that it's (wine, beer, other stuff) an acquired taste and that's fine, but I have no desire to acquire a taste for it. People always try to tell me "Oh but this one doesn't really taste like beer/alcohol/wine/nasty" I don't buy it yo! It all tastes enough like it that I don't want it or even want to try it. However, if we go out to a restaurant, Derek always tries to get me to taste his beer because I make weird faces (it's just so gross and I can't control my face) and he likes to laugh at them. Other than all of that, I just feel gross after having any of the above. Wine/alcohol/beer you are EW.
So what?!

3. Soup or stews (with the exception of tomato soup).
Again, just yuck. I've never really cared for warm/hot liquids (I've had my fair share of hot chocolates and pumpkin spice lattes, but I just hate that they are hot sometimes...) so that is one con of these soups and stews, they are hot. But the main thing I don't like about soups and stews is... well everything, but I don't like all the mushy stuff in them, which is why I think that I can do tomato soup, there is nothing mushy floating around in it, but also grilled cheese goes perfectly with tomato soup and grilled cheese is my favorite. I don't know any recipes, but I have tasted lots of different ones (Derek loves soup and stews, and my mom would make some growing up) and my least favorite mushy thing to find in a bite is celery... oh my gosh just thinking about it gives me chills (the bad kind). I wasn't sure, but from what I remembered, stews are thicker and usually have a good amount of steak pieces in them (which I don't like...surprise surprise?) so I googled what the difference was between the two and this was the description it gave...

        "Generally, stews have less liquid than soups, are much thicker and require longer cooking over low heat. While soups are almost always served in a bowl, stews may be thick enough to be served on a plate with the gravy as a sauce over the solid ingredients."

If I knew nothing of soups or stews, that description would be enough to turn me away. Hey soups and stews, go home, you're disgusting.
So what, who cares!?

4. Beyoncè.
What's the big deal. I don't get it...I mean, I'm not really a fan of her music or the lyrics she uses (not that I'm super familiar with any of them though) but I read a blog post about one of her concerts. Now don't get me wrong, this is one person's view/take on a concert and I have never been to a Beyoncè concert, so I don't know what they are like, but, I dunno, if it is even a fraction of what she described, that is nothing I want to watch/listen to/support. But regardless of what Britt described in her blog post, I actually googled and read some of Beyoncè's lyrics, and I really don't like them, cuss words and other things I don't care to hear someone sing about. I used to have some of her older music and I had a Destiny's Child song or two, but I also used to pee my pants as a toddler, but I don't do that anymore. Also I've seen this quote thing all over Pinterest about having the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncè - I don't get the hype about this either... we also have the same amount of hours in a day as Ruth, or as everyone. And from what I've read (both her lyrics and about her concert), I'd be fine if she had an extra hour or two than me. Beyoncè, you're beautiful and you have lovely hair, you're probably nice, and you might have good intentions or whatever, but no thank you.
So what, who cares!?

5. Trains.
So what!?
When I was in like 5th grade or something I saw this documentary about trains and how dangerous they can be - it showed how some tracks have electricity in them and that just by stepping on the track you can be electrocuted and die! It also showed people who tried to cross the tracks before the train got there, but they didn't make it, or when cars get stuck on train tracks and trains can't slow down very quickly, validity of the show aside, I've been afraid of them ever since. But then when you think about it... they are SUPER huge, they move SUPER fast and they are SUPER loud... and they try to fool you, by making cartoons of themselves like Thomas and they make you think they are saying "chooo choooooo" LIES! Trust me... they are saying "I'mmm gonna get yoooouu!!" Just look at them... they even look scary! When I was in high school, we lived in a community (for about a month) that in order to get to it, you had to cross over train tracks and it was the worst month of my life (ok, maybe I've had worse months, but for real yo!) but I'm glad I didn't rely on myself to drive when we lived there, cause I would have never left and probably would have withered away in that house. I've ridden on a train before, a couple times, and I've been on subways and trams at the airport, but you best believe it's not an easy move. Trains, I'm afraid of you.
Who cares?!

What makes you say "So what, who cares!?"


  1. I couldn't help but chuckle at this list because OH MY GOODNESS, we are twins. Seriously, though! I, too, have never been a real fan of Frozen (especially after hearing it played at my preschool for like two years in a row now), wine/alcohol (but I've never actually had it, I just don't like the smell and prefer eating my calories!), and hot beverages, too. I am SUPER picky about my soups! I pretty much only like potato soups, a Asian soups, and chicken noodle occasionally as well. But I don't really like drinking any drink warm except plain apple cider. :)

    I can't really add much to the train or Beyonce, because I don't really know/listen much about either, though. :)

    I looooove that you wrote this list, friend! Who knew we had this much in common?

    1. YAY twins!!!!!! Wow! Has it been 2 years that Frozen has been out!? There is still so much hype over it that you'd think it just came out! You are totally not missing out on the wine/alcohol front yo! It smells gross and tastes gross! And I agree I would much rather eat my calories too! I don't listen to her music, but the main thing that started that was the quote about hours in the day - I see that all over pinterest and so it made me wonder what the big deal was, so I googled her and I still can't figure it out and trains, be glad! They are too scary!... anyways :) Thanks! I'm glad you liked the list, and yay for having so much in common!!!


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