November 01, 2014

november goals

Y'all!! Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe we are in November already!? Where in the world has this year gone!!?? We had our first snow of the season yesterday... well I guess I can't really say that... it didn't snow in town, but the mountains behind our house have snow on them... sadly though, the rest of the week is supposed to be straight up sunny and in the high 60s!? So there is a good chance it will all melt...

October was busy yo! And November is only going to get busier and busier!

last month my goals were:

-Edit, edit, edit
-Make a trip to Apple Hill - We went to Apple Hill, however the only weekend we had available, it was super rainy! We didn't get to pick apples for making apple cider or apple butter, but we got to drive around and taste some apple cider and super awesome harvest pie!! I can't wait to make a trip out there again!
-Carve pumpkins (or maybe paint, or use a technique from pinterest) - So every year I decorate for fall on September 1 and then have all of September and October with those decorations, and then on October 31 I decorate for Christmas, well my mother-in-love was coming up to visit on the 31st and I had some other things to do, so I decorated a day early... this also happened to be the day that we carved pumpkins... woops  :) I carved The Little Mermaid (obviously) and Derek carved a spider
-Start some behind the scenes work for GAP - I didn't get to this... I don't know if I'll be able to get to it this month either? eek.
-GET on my cleaning schedule (that I was supposed to have started in January or something yikes!) - this will have to wait too... 
-Stick to our (family) budget more firmly - We did this!! We even had money left over from the first week! Way to go us!
-Get stinkin' excited for some colder weather (last year our first snow of the season was this month, I'm hoping for the same thing this year!!) - Duh I did this!!! C'mon now!

November Goals
-Spend some quality time just me and my mother-in-love
-Styled maternity shoot
-Spend some time with my grandma
-family shoot
-Spend some much needed time with my parents for Thanksgiving
-Edit, Edit, Edit!!

What are your goals for this month?

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