November 10, 2014


Y'all... Christmas is only 44 days away!!! I can't really tell you of my love for this time of year! So many cherished memories! The snow, the cold, the jolly air in everyone's step, the decorations, and of course the most important, celebrating Jesus' birth!

In my opinion there is no such time as too early to start listening to Christmas music or to start decorating, I want as much time as I can to look at all my favorite decorations, and singing some of my favorite songs!!

Every year on September 1 I decorate for autumn, and secretly I can't wait for Halloween, not because of candy or anything but because that is the day I decorate for Christmas!!! This year I may or may not have decorated a day early! As I pulled out the boxes, and started unpacking everything I was giggling and squealing and saying "OH! This is my favorite piece!" then I would pull out the next item, and say "OOHH! This, this is my favorite piece!" and that continued basically the whole time!

Here is a little bit of the house after I got it all decorated!

When do you decorate for Christmas?


  1. So this will sound weird, but I want to move in! We haven't had a chance to decorate yet but I'm sooo excited to pull out all of our nativity sets and just feel more Christmas-y. I love that you get so giddy about this amazing holiday--it's contagious and it's got me ready for Christmas break now! :)

    1. yay! Come move in!!! :) I'm so glad that I was able to inspire some excitement from you!! This time of year is just so happy I can't help but try to bring it out as early as possible!


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