August 19, 2015

summer lovin'

I can't believe that August is already half over... my favorite time of the year is autumn, but summer has always had a special place in my heart because it's my birthday!!! This summer has been full and I've loved pretty much all of it!! It's been pretty rainy - it even hailed!! Like gigantic big hail! I've only ever seen hail a couple times and it was so cool!

We will be pretty busy for the rest of the year, so this summer has been perfect not going on any big trips, just taking it easy at home. This month's circle link up is a review of our summer, so here's mine.

This summer we:

- Celebrated the birth of my favorite human being. He was pretty excited that the leftover frosting on his plate looked like a seahorse.

- Went to the movies... a few times - we saw Jurrasic World, Spy, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant Man, and Trainwreck (we didn't look at the reviews of this one before we saw it, it had some funny parts, but had we looked up reviews and ratings, we wouldn't have seen it).

- Walked around downtown. Our capitol grounds are beautiful and it's such a lovely place for an afternoon/evening stroll - and we took advantage of this beauty a few times!!

-Helped my mother-in-love pack up and move :(

- Crafted! the wreath was inspired by one that I saw in a store, I wanted to buy it, but Derek suggested that I make it myself, so I did! It was fun and I love it!

- I made goals and worked out.

- Did lots of yard work, pulling weeds, cutting grass, and aerating the lawn.

- Did the recycling. When we lived in Georgia we had separate trashcan for recycling that was picked up with the trash, but it's different here, so we take it to the recycling bins and separate it all out.

- Went to doctor's appointments - they've been a long time coming, things I've put off because I don't like going to the doctor...but then who does really?

- Thrifted this dresser!! Back in Georgia I bought a beautiful dresser for only $25!! I was going to clean it up, paint it and give it new life... Three years later I finally got around to start working on it only to discover it was a mess and falling apart (like wood was disintegrating). I was going to have to basically buy a whole new dresser to rebuild it and I just wasn't up for that kind of a project so I began looking for another dresser that was a bit less work and I found this one! It's perfect and I can't wait to share the finished product!!

- Went on walks to the hardware store! We live pretty close to some shopping so a few times we walked over to get supplies for different projects.

- Cleaned and organized the garage... This was like 2 years late... We organized it when we first moved in, but since then we've had things thrown in there and it was terrible to try to park and move around in there.

- I went to an interview and got new silverware!

- Played in the rain.

- Went grocery shopping and got LITTLE MERMAID PAJAMAS!!!!

- I played me some cello and built a little shoe rack for the entryway.

- Went to the store and got super silly and took silly pictures and laughed too loud.

- Worked.

- Went to the fair! For quite a few years, the fair has come to town and it's always on a weekend that we are busy and can't go, well it happened again this year but thankfully we had just enough time to make it the last night it was in town. We even rode a ride... my favorite ever Gravitron!!

- Did face masks (and Derek tried to look as creepy/scary as he could) and colored in a big Disney Princess coloring book that my mister got me for my birthday!

- Went bowling! We have a tradition of picking ridiculous dumb silly weird names (it's like illegal to use your actual name or something, I heard, it's a law probably). Derek picked this time, I'd tell you, but they were so silly/dumb I can't even remember ...but usually they have a bunch of letters and look like this - ffffffffllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyeeeeeerrrrrtttttttt - they are basically the best ever.

- Went to the farmer's market. We got the cutest basket to carry our finds in! We got a Nevada magnet (made by a local potter), some local honey, local blood orange olive oil (YUM!), pulled pork, and 3 nectarines (we ate 2 and only brought 1 home).

- Celebrated my birthday with a LITTLE MERMAID CAKE!!! (would you expect anything else?)

- Airbrushed with markers! How cool is that!? Derek got me this awesome little pump airbrush! You can even use fabric markers and make shirts!

- Enrolled in a pottery class where we learned how to throw clay on the wheel! I took a pottery class in high school, but it was all hand building. This class was so much fun!!! It's 4 weeks and we can go in during open studio to play around more! I can't wait to show you what we made!!

- I got tattoos (or as Derek loves to call them tuh-tooos)! I have been thinking and dreaming of these for a while and they became a reality this past weekend! I love them so much!! The verse on my foot is my favorite verse as well as the first verse that I ever memorized in 2nd grade. It's been a resting place for my whole life. Also it is in my own handwriting, how cool is that!!?? The anchor is for Derek and a few others in my life who are my anchors, who keep me from floating away when times get tough and when I seem to forget everything else I've ever learned. But it also stands for Hebrews 6:19. (this was taken the night I got them, so they are a bit swollen still, also say hello to my strawberry mole on my arm underneath the anchor).

How has your summer been? What have you been up to? Do you have any tattoos?


  1. wow, you had a packed full summer!!! Looks like a wonderful few months :)
    Excited to share my summer details tomorrow on my blog and link up with The Circle!


    1. Yes! Our summer has been super full, but super wonderful! :)

  2. First of all, you have THE CUTEST PHOTOS EVER. I love your glasses, your selfies, your downtown/Capitol photos, and the tattoos, too! Did they hurt? I used to be totally against tattoos, but a small, small, small part of me would like one and might get one if I came across the right verse or phrase. Yours are beautiful and I love how much meaning they hold AND that you got to use your lettering, too!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your summer with us!

    1. Thank you! :) They didn't hurt near as bas as I expected them to! The one on my foot hurt most on the bone, but still not as much as I expected... the one on my wrist didn't really hurt at all! I've never been against tattoos, but I never could think of what I wanted to get... I really tried to make sure that what I was getting was meaningful in more ways than just one, I love them so much!

  3. Wow, you have been busy!! A few things I thought as I read this post...

    - I want to get some of those lawn airer shoes.
    - That recycling system is crazy (and doesn't really encourage people to recycle- it seems very time consuming).
    - I used one of those weird face masks and hated it- I much prefer the cream that you rub straight on to your skin.
    - As a self confessed neat freak, I want to give you a high five with your garage cleaning efforts- it looks soooo tidy now :)
    - Your birthday cake looks delicious and so pretty. I definitely have birthday cake envy.

    As for my Summer...well, we are in Winter and let me tell you, productivity has gone down because I have certainly not done anything anywhere near as exciting!!

    1. My husband got them on Amazon!
      You may be able to pay for the service at your house, but we don't...?
      I've used the cream before, but it always gets stuck and pulls my hair, maybe I've been using the wrong ones?
      Thank you! It took a while and it was super hot, but I'm so glad I got it done!!
      The cake was so delicious! Ice cream cake is my favorite!

      I love winter!! Let's trade!! :)

  4. your summer sounds suuuper busy and fun!!! i LOVE the tattoos, and way to go on working out! i totally failed on that goal. i love the thrifted dresser, too, btw. stopping by from the circle link-up!

    1. Thank you! I love them too! I haven't been doing the greatest this month with exercising... but I'm trying! I can't wait to finish the dresser!

  5. What a great summer!! Sounds like we share summer birthdays and a love for autumn and Ariel :) I'm inspired by your tattoos - my sister and I have talked about getting our shared middle name as tattoos for years but haven't made the leap yet... How did you decide to take that step?!

    1. Yay for things in common! It's always so fun to meet people who share those similar interests!! I won't lie I was super nervous, and put it off for a while, but my process was this.... I googled lots of images of anchors and anchor tattoos, I found a handful that I liked, and dissected each one and looked at what I liked about them, then I kind of created my own anchor from the parts that I liked most from those pictures. For the Proverbs on my foot, I spent a long while looking at fonts and numbers and combining different ones... I couldn't find one that I liked, so I just started writing them on a piece of paper, and found a style I liked.... after that I drew them on my body. I wore an anchor for a day on my wrist, and same with on my foot, I tried different areas, different sizes, different layouts... when I was finally satisfied, I researched tattoo shops in my area, looked through portfolios (online) and picked my favorite artist from a few shops, then I went to the shops asked them about their procedure, how much it cost, any other questions... I mainly just wanted to get a feel for the shop. I was only able to meet one artist (I didn't check to make sure they were there, I just wanted to see the shops) when I narrowed it down to just two artists, I looked again at their portfolios, scrutinized everything I could and I picked one and set the date!

  6. Those little mermaid pjs are so cool.


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