August 01, 2015

august goals

August!? WHAT!???? So I'm sure I've said this every month, but this year is just flying by!

First of all... it's my birthday month yo!! I'm going to be 29 on the 5th... which is basically 30 which means I'm almost 60....

July was busy and came with a semi-unexpected, but good thing... Like you may have read, I got a job. I wasn't the most keen on getting one at first, but as it became a reality I started to get more excited for it. I work at Michael's as a support specialist and I really enjoy it!!! Because I got the job some of my goals didn't quite get accomplished, but that's ok! Here is what I got accomplished:

July Goals
-Finish a few crafts I began this week - to be honest, I can't remember what crafts I was supposed to finish... I don't think I finished them though :/
-Celebrate the 4th of July!! - yes! We didn't do anything big, but we did cook out!
-Begin my 28 day kick start challenge (fit girls guide) (I made an instagram account for this if you want to follow along!) - Yes! I just finished and will be starting round 2!
-Help my mother-in-love move - I'm sad she's gone, but all the moving was a good little workout booster!
-Get my water in daily - I have been doing really good at getting my water in! Thankfully!
-5-6 days of exercise - It wasn't 5-6 days every week  - because of the job and doctor's appointments and other things, but I got at least 4-5 days every every week.
-5 days of cello practice - sadly I haven't gotten to practice much... I miss it! 
-Go on a hike! - no hikes :(
-Finish organizing my computer - It's almost all organized, but not completed yet.

August Goals
-Celebrate my birthday :) yay!
-Start round 2 of the fit girls challenge (you can follow me here if you want!)
-Go to the doctor's (I've needed to make doctor's appointments for a few years and I finally made the appointments in July - but the last one didn't have an opening until the middle of this month)
-Work on the dresser (I'll blog the process when it's done)
-Work on our gallery wall - I have some frames I need to order prints for and get hung up

How are you doing with goals? Did you set any this month? Share them below!

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