August 07, 2015

friday's letters

Dear Apple, Thank you for making my birthday so wonderful! We weren't able to be together for birthdays last year and we won't be able to be together next year, so I love that this year we got to really cherish each other! Dear Rain, You have no clue how happy you make me! I am so thankful for rain! I jumped in puddles of you and danced around as you fell from the sky today and it was glorious! Dear Readers, I'm not sure how many you are, but thank you so much for stopping by and leaving nice comments, you sure know how to make a girl feel happy! Dear Weekend, Let's do this! Dear Dresser, I can't wait until you are done and in your new home! Dear Dishes, Just stop already ok! Dear Favorite Husband, Thank you for encouraging me in this new endeavor of mine. I love you more and more each day!!!

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