July 01, 2015

july goals

The year is half over!! I know I saw this every month, but by golly it's gone by so fast!! This past month was wonderful! I got to celebrate the life of my very favorite human and the life of my very favorite pup! I cleaned, I weeded, I made crafts, I made pasta (from scratch!!), I've daydreamed, we got a new couch, I've danced, I've sang, I've laughed, and I've stargazed!

June Goals
-sell couch, bookshelf, & tires (well list them on craigslist at least) - the couch has sold, but the bookshelf and tires have not yet.
-take things to salvation army (we have a huge pile of things that have been accumulating over the last year as I do 'spring cleanings') - WHOO! I took a gigantor pile of things to the donation center! It felt so good! 
-re-organize living room for new couch - yay! it's done and I love it!
-start a bible study with some of my favorite girls! - Yes! It's been difficult to be honest, but I have liked it so far!
-practice cello 5 days a week - yes! I love the cello!
-exercise 5 days a week - sadly no I didn't do this. I did get some running in though
-meal plan each week this month - yes! meal planning really helps me stay on track!
-celebrate Derek's birthday!!! - YAHOO!!!!! He had a wonderful birthday!! 
-begin work on rejuvenating an old drawer thing - not yet, I have planned it out though!

July Goals
-Finish a few crafts I began this week
-Celebrate the 4th of July!!
-Begin my 28 day kick start challenge (fit girls guide) (I made an instagram account for this if you want to follow along!)
-Help my mother-in-love move
-Get my water in daily
-5-6 days of exercise
-5 days of cello practice
-Go on a hike!
-Finish organizing my computer

What are your goals this month?

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