June 19, 2015

silly things I've said

So if you haven't guessed by now, I'm not the greatest with words... or with trying to get my thoughts out and understandable.

The other day Derek and I were walking into the store, and after being in the store for a few minutes I realized my sunglasses were still on and I said to him

"These sunglasses are such that sometimes I don't know if I'm inside or not!" 

after lots of laughs, Derek said that my sunglasses must be magical if I can't even tell if I'm inside ... 

I meant that the color of the sunglasses are such that when I'm inside, sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm wearing them still (or my seeing glasses).

Anyways this seems to happen quite a bit :)

Do you ever say silly things like that?


  1. YES i totally do all the time! I'm constantly cracking my husband up but its such a weird thing - sometimes you just can't the words out right. I like to think that my mouth can't keep up with my brain....it just can't keep up with how clever my brain is hahaha....that doesn't work often lol!

    1. Yes! That's it!! Our mouths just can't keep up with our smart & witty brains!! :)


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