April 15, 2015

Reverse Bucket List

oh my goodness I can't tell you how excited I am to be co-hosting the Circle Linkup this month with Kiki!! Do you know Kiki? She is beautiful and funny and kind and encouraging and uplifting! I found her through a link up last year when I started my blog and I was just drawn to her! She just has a way with her writing that is so comfortable, like you are chatting with a close girlfriend! We quickly became friends & pen pals where we discovered that we are basically twins and have been chatting ever since! So thank you for having me as your co-host this month (and as your friend!) Kiki!

The topic this month is reverse bucket list - where you can share about things you've already crossed off of your bucket list (or as I call it my Tuesday list) you can share list of things you've crossed off your bucket list, or you can pick a few to highlight and share about!

So here is my list in no particular order!

-visited the arctic circle

-visit the pacific northwest

-driven a humvee - like a real military one yo! My dad let me drive his!

-visited the leaning tower of pissa

-walked the Sentiero Azzuro (Azure Trail) that connects the five villages of Cinque Terre

-helped build a playground for children in the Czech Republic

-ridden a train (this was not on my Tuesday list, but I count it an accomplishment since I'm super terrified of them)

-visited Disney Land Paris

-graduate college

-toured through the Neuschwanstein Castle

-saw what is believed (by some) to be Dracula's grave

-swam in the Mediterranean Sea

-snowboarded in the Alps

-hiked in the Alps

-white water rafted in Ă–tztaler Ache

-went vacation with just me and my best friend

-went to a few Christmas markets in Germany

-gone on a cruise (I've always been afraid of them because Titanic)

-learned how to play an instrument that I've always wanted to play

-own my own business

-laugh until I sound like a robot and end up losing my voice (seriously.. this happened last weekend... two different noises were coming out of my mouth at the same time and it sounded like a robot... which made me laugh even more, my stomach hurt and I lost my voice as a result! It was AMAZING)

and here is one that I am working on
-learn another language

Do you have a bucket list? Have you named it something else like I have? What have you crossed off of your list? I'd love to read about what you've done! If you want to share, add your link below!!

What's on your reverse bucket list??


  1. Great list!! I love that you're learning another language. I want to do that too. I mentioned on someone else's post that I'd love to learn french though spanish would be more practical.

    1. Thank you! I know my husband wants me to learn Spanish for he practicality of it, but I want to go for something exotic that won't be of any use to me unless I was in the country or speaking to a native! I'm not sure why :) So I say go for FRENCH girl!!!!

  2. wow the arctic circle that is awesome
    and i kinda really want to drive a military humvee now haha!
    ok i didn't even KNOW there was a disneyland paris - more to add to my visit paris list :)

    your list is pretty darn amazing and so much variation on there too! You definitely sound like you are not shy to a little bit of adventure :)

    and agree - kiki is the sweetest thang!

    1. Yes! I am sad to say I don't remember too much of the arctic circle as I was a youngin but I do remember bits of it.
      It was really scary to drive it at first, my dad pointed forward and said go there... but it was basically a wall... I looked at him and he just nodded and up the wall we went! It was CRAZY!
      I don't think that it is in actual paris, but you should definitely go!! disneylandparis.com

      Thank you! Most of my experiences are all thanks to the Army sending us overseas!

      isn't she though!! I love Kiki!

  3. UMMMMMM, so we definitely need a Skype date so that you can tell me all about these European adventures--and just your adventures in general! Because just reading your list is NOT enough for this curious girl over here.

    What language are you working on? Do you know any other languages?

    And thank YOU for co-hosting, friend (aka TWIN!)! We've had so many cool lists and I've loved reading them all.

    1. Yes yes yes we do!!!

      I know bits and pieces of other languages (german, spanish, french) but not enough to get me by - I know more of spanish and german than french though - I really only know how to count and a few random words in french...I'm working on learning Croatian - Derek is going to learn with me and I have a few friends who are also learning!

      Thank you for having me!!! I loved it!!!

  4. That is such an impressive list!! You have so many awesome accomplishments, especially all your travels, I'd love to go to all of those places!! And how cool that you vacationed with you and your best friend, I bet that was so fun!
    Shea Lennon

    1. Thank you! I owe my list to the Army and them sending us all over the place :) It was such an awesome time to get to spend just me and her!!

  5. What was the instrument you always wanted to play that you learned?

    1. The cello - I'm still learning though :) I love it!!

  6. Whoa--you have traveled all over the place! I saw in the comments that the language you're working on is Croatian--wow! That's hard stuff. I like sticking to my Asian languages, haha!

    1. Yes I was fortunate enough to travel while we lived overseas! So many memories!! :) It has seemed easy so far... but really all I've learned are just nouns... nothing about sentence structure yet... :/

  7. you sure have done a lot! I hope we get to visit disneyland Paris sometime.. good luck with learnign your new language! :)

    1. Oh you should go visit!! It was so much fun!! Thank you! I'm excited to be able to put a sentence together .... eventually ;)

  8. This is an awesome list! For some reason I thought I saw "hidden a train" and I thought you stole one... yikes no. good for you for conquering your fears! Driving a humvee sounds awesome not gonna lie... was it like driving a train? Lol. And how cool that you got to build a playground in the Czech Republic! Did you like the cruise when you went on it? I had a whole host of reasons to hate cruising and I went on one and landed up loving it!

    1. Thank you! Haha! No I definitely didn't steal a train!! :) It was like driving a big vehicle... I was so afraid to go over 20 mph but my dad kept telling me to "Go faster! Go faster!" They are not delicate that's for sure! Before I got on the ship my brother and sister in love kept telling me that I wouldn't even realize I was on a boat... so when I got on and I felt little bit of swaying I freaked out and was really nervous, but when I learned that that was normal it was actually quite relaxing like I was being rocked to sleep! :) I thoroughly enjoyed it! And we were discussing out net cruise before that one was even finished!

  9. Ooh wow look at all that amazing traveling you've done!!!

  10. I've always dreamed of going to the Christmas Markets In Germany. I would really love to experience the holiday in another country and culture! I almost made it to Disney Land Paris, but it just didn't make the cut. Here's to hoping I can make that happen when i move abroad.

    Glad i found you through the link-up.


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