April 06, 2015

april goals

Y'all I swear this year is flying by WAY too fast!! How is it already APRIL!?

March went by way too fast! It was awesome though!!! I mean got half way through the month before I got my goals set! Never too late though!

I ended March by sending Derek off to training and sending me off to my grandmother's for a surprise visit! It was so fun! Surprises are my favorite! So I conspired with my aunt and I drove all day being sneaky and excited only to hit 2.5 hours of Friday L.A. traffic... Where we live, we don't have traffic so it hadn't even crossed my mind that I needed to account for that! I considered getting off the freeway and trying surface streets, but I was in the second farthest left lane and getting off wasn't really going to work... about 20 minutes into the traffic... I had to go to the bathroom... then about 10 minutes later, I was starving... those both lasted about 2 hours... I finally made it to my grandma's (and to a bathroom) a few hours later than I had hoped. When I got to her house, she was closing up for the night, but opened the door to check the porch lights, and she saw me! She paused and stared at me for a minute, then asked "What are you doing here!?" as she pulled me in for a hug! Then she told me that when she saw me she had to stare for a minute because she was thinking.. "Gee, this girl sure looks like my granddaughter!" So it was a sweet surprise and she was so thrilled that we pulled it off!

last month's goals:

-get cello fixed (there is a small issue with one of the pieces) -yes!!! I was nervous taking it in, but I am sooo glad that I did!! It has made a WORLD of a difference!!
-practice cello 5 days a week - I practiced pretty much every day until I left for my grandma's (I think there were maybe just 2 days I didn't practice) - After Derek had left for training I even stayed up until 2am practicing!!!
-work on bookshelf - I finished sanding all the shelves and got started on the case itself!
-visit my grandma and aunt (but shh! it's a secret, my grandma doesn't know I'm coming!) - yes! This was an awesome surprise!!
-send out birthday cards - I can't cross this one off, because I can't remember if I sent them out... I had them addressed and (I think) stamped... no I can't remember if I sent them... oh no! Sorry March birthdays!!
-tackle 2 projects that I have been slacking on finishing - y'all! I can't remember what these projects were... I'm bad! I should have written this down... what's my deal yo!?
-exercise a minimum of 3 days a week - yes, I have gotten 4-5 days a week in!!
-one week of salads for dinner (I already have the recipes picked out, I just need to go through with it!) - yes! we did it!! I was afraid we were going to be so tired of salad by the time the week was through, but I think we had enough of a mix in there that it wasn't bad! If you want any of the recipes let me know!

-steam clean my grandma's floors
-Vegas trip with a sweet friend
-do our taxes
-spend a weekend in with my favorite Derek
-meal plan!!

What are your goals this month?


  1. I hadn't really thought about it till now but... wow! Where is this year going?! It's almost my first wedding anniversary and once that is over it's almost my birthday and once that is over it's practically Christmas, so basically.... I might as well start practicing writing 2016 on my dates now. Ugh. I just posted my own goals post but it's only just now that I'm realizing just how much I want to do!

    1. Happy almost 1st anniversary! So many times I over do myself on what goals I set and then the next month I am disappointed... I've had a few busy months and lots of traveling lately so I've tried to be modest on my goals. I look forward to getting back into a routine and being at home for a bit so that I can accomplish things!

      Good luck on your goals!! You can do it!


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