February 04, 2016

february goals

we are already into our second month of 2016! This is CRAZY! January went by pretty quickly. I spent most of the month slowly preparing myself for the deployment, finding routine and trying to get right. I cleaned house a lot with my extra hours at night, but somehow I feel like I didn't really get anywhere... At the end of the month D got to come home for a few days before he leaves. It was such a wonderful weekend, but it went by much much too quickly! We had a couple snowdays and took a drive to Tahoe on one of the cloudy snow days - such a beautiful drive!! The photo above is from that day. The shadowy figures in the middle left is a man playing fetch with his dog, who ran from the car straight into the water! It was freezing, but I don't think he cared one bit, because boy was he having a blast!!

January Goals
-Work on the branding side of things - I got a little ways into this.
-Start budget - woops. next month
-Clean out office - yes, although it's a mess again... not nearly as bad - mostly just papers I need to file/shred
-Find a good cleaning schedule (this has been on my goals list for years... sigh) - I haven't written it down for me just yet, but I did find one!
-Take down all of the Christmas decorations - check! (except for the christmas lights, I haven't decided if I want to take them down yet... they are white icicle lights... maybe when it warms up)

February Goals
-Continue rebranding (getting it ready to finalize)
-Order prints for office
-Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week (and plan the days out)
-Start reading (again) Power of the Praying Wife
-Clean out office (again)
-finish hanging gallery wall (I finished the one in the living room last year, but decided I wanted one in our bedroom as well, so I need to finish hanging the frames in there)

What are your goals this month?

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  1. "Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week (and plan the days out)." This has been a big goal for me. I have been so surprised at how much better I am at sticking to an exercise routine when I schedule that time in my calendar. I also appreciate that two of my coworkers have been going to the gym with me -- helps keep me accountable. You can do it! Go, Aubrey, go!


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