January 01, 2013


Happy New Year! I hope that this finds you well and excited for the new year! I know I am! 2012 has been a challenging one, a time for beginnings, but more so it seemed to be a time for stand stills, hurry up and waits (which is very common for military families!). The past few weeks during my quiet time with God, I have been getting one constant thing... "I am faithful!" Through all the stand stills and time in limbo land - it was easy to forget that no matter what He is there, and always will be! This year for me, has been a year of temporary. Temporary moving, temporary living, temporary working... temporary, temporary, temporary. And amidst all of that, God has been continually reminding me that He is faithful! He is NOT temporary, He is everlasting, He is always! And I am SOO thankful for that!

So over the past few weeks I have been really looking back at the year and taking note of the good, the bad, the encouraging, the heartbreaking, the uplifting - and working with myself and God to prepare myself for 2013, change and to make things happen. This year I am going to stretch myself, push myself, and step outside of my comfort zone. I am going to make 2013 MY year!

I started my lists with a list of things I would like to make a habits by the end of the year.

2013 goals/habits
-12 in 12 - I have heard the name before from others and I love the idea! One book in one month - very doable.
-Be more organized
-Drink more water
-Exercise more/eat less
-Meal plan weekly (even for days that I know we won't be at home - I would like to still have a plan on what that night will look like)
-Wake up earlier, go to bed earlier
-Write in my Q&A a day journal
-Keep in touch with family and friends better - with handwritten letters and birthday/anniversary cards
-Less TV and more quality time
-Be intentional in documenting my own life and memories

January goals
-12 in 12 - He said. She said.
-Wake up at 6:45 am M-F and 7:30 am on weekends
-Attend Branches & Light (SOO excited about this!!!)
-Make a cleaning regimen
-Walk 3-4 miles 4x week
-Drink one-two nalgene bottles a day

This is the first time I've really put myself out there like this, and shared, or really even made specific goals for myself. I am excited and very ready to go on this journey! Have you made any goals for this year or this month? What are they? Share them below! I'd love to see your goals!


  1. Oh wow! We have very similar goals! I seriously could have written this myself! I even have a Q&A journal!
    So how are you doing a month into the new year with some of the goals you set?

    1. Stephanie! Wow, I am so sorry I just saw this comment!! I am doing good with my goals... I am such a bad blogger on here though :( How do you keep up!!?? ... I keep up more with my goals on my photography blog ( www.greenanchorphoto.com )


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