April 02, 2016

a new home!

Hey friends! I'm moving! Not me and my pups and hubby, but me and the found life. :) I know I've been absent from the blogging world for a bit, but I'm back and in a new home and with a new look!!! Head over to      thefoundlifeblog.com     browse around and have fun! I'll be posting over there from now on :)

Thank you for following me here, I hope that you'll continue to follow over at my new location. :)

April Goals

April showers bring May flowers.... I hope! I love rain and I love flowers! Anyways, can you believe we're already 4 months into this new year!? March seemed to come and go pretty quickly, I got a lot done, but I still feel a little undone.... 
March Goals-Work on the rebranding (getting it ready to finalize) - GAP is still in progress, but TFL is HERE!!!!
-Find some glasses! (I need new glasses with my new prescription, it's a long story but I've been trying to find some since the end of January!) - Finally!!! I have them!
-Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week - yes! It has been so wonderful! I love it!!
-Plan a trip to visit some family - all but one of my trips are planned, just waiting for finalize my last one :)
-Mail packages/birthday things - Check!

April Goals
-Mail out birthday present
-get prints made to send to a few people
-Finish GAP rebrand
-Exercise 4-5 days a week
-Clean backyard

What are your goals?

March 01, 2016

March Goals

February has come and gone... already! We even had an extra day in there, but we are already into March! February was a hard month, but at the same time it was good. I finally sent Derek off for the deployment but that means it's actually started, so much time getting ready for it and anticipating it and in just one day, it was here! So we are 2 months into it (January counts) and it's been hard, but good. 

February Goals
-Continue rebranding (getting it ready to finalize) - it's a work in progress, but it's coming along :) not quite in the final stages just yet though....
-Order prints for office - this has not been done...
-Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week (and plan the days out) - yes! although this last week has been a little hard to find motivation.
-Start reading (again) Power of the Praying Wife - yes, mostly I'm just focusing on the prayer side of it though.
-Clean out office (again) - this didn't get done. oops.
-finish hanging gallery wall (I finished the one in the living room last year, but decided I wanted one in our bedroom as well, so I need to finish hanging the frames in there) - it's not finished, I'm not really tall enough to reach the empty places left...

March Goals
-Work on the rebranding (getting it ready to finalize)
-Find some glasses! (I need new glasses with my new prescription, it's a long story but I've been trying to find some since the end of January!)
-Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week
-Plan a trip to visit some family
-Mail packages/birthday things

Do you have any goals for this month?

February 04, 2016

february goals

we are already into our second month of 2016! This is CRAZY! January went by pretty quickly. I spent most of the month slowly preparing myself for the deployment, finding routine and trying to get right. I cleaned house a lot with my extra hours at night, but somehow I feel like I didn't really get anywhere... At the end of the month D got to come home for a few days before he leaves. It was such a wonderful weekend, but it went by much much too quickly! We had a couple snowdays and took a drive to Tahoe on one of the cloudy snow days - such a beautiful drive!! The photo above is from that day. The shadowy figures in the middle left is a man playing fetch with his dog, who ran from the car straight into the water! It was freezing, but I don't think he cared one bit, because boy was he having a blast!!

January Goals
-Work on the branding side of things - I got a little ways into this.
-Start budget - woops. next month
-Clean out office - yes, although it's a mess again... not nearly as bad - mostly just papers I need to file/shred
-Find a good cleaning schedule (this has been on my goals list for years... sigh) - I haven't written it down for me just yet, but I did find one!
-Take down all of the Christmas decorations - check! (except for the christmas lights, I haven't decided if I want to take them down yet... they are white icicle lights... maybe when it warms up)

February Goals
-Continue rebranding (getting it ready to finalize)
-Order prints for office
-Exercise a minimum of 4 days a week (and plan the days out)
-Start reading (again) Power of the Praying Wife
-Clean out office (again)
-finish hanging gallery wall (I finished the one in the living room last year, but decided I wanted one in our bedroom as well, so I need to finish hanging the frames in there)

What are your goals this month?

January 21, 2016

that one time I got a perm

Years ago (2007), I decided to get a perm... I had wanted one since I was a little girl so I thought it was about time... My mother in love is a hair dresser, so she did the perm, only she had to do it three (THREE) times before it even took, and even then it wasn't all that curly, more like wavy as you can see above... it was only that wavy if I had a ton of mousse in my hair...  I have a super sensitive head and it knotted so easily with the perm so I was always in pain when I had to comb it! In the last picture (awe how cute!) you can see how it was barely even wavy without product in it.

January 11, 2016

2016 & January Goals

Happy New Year!!! (That was our Christmas card picture for 2015 - I found a 2 person sweater and it was magic! Yes, those are unicorns!!) I can't believe we are in the year 2016 already!! It sounds so futuristic! It's so crazy to think that my 10 year high school reunion was 2 years ago... 16 years ago I started high school... I'm almost 30 (which means I'm almost 60!!)

I haven't been around regularly since about August... Last year we learned that Derek would be deploying early in 2016.. so towards the end of the year I got pretty stressed out with all that was going on. And in the spirit of being authentic and transparent I will share a bit... We have been trying to get pregnant for almost 6 years. I've dealt with a lot of anger towards God and jealousy of friends/family about it and to be honest it's not gone. I don't open up about my struggle with it very often, not even to my best friend (she knows it all, but I just don't talk about it). But in September we saw a fertility specialist and did our first round of treatments. Sadly it didn't work, and then we missed our chance in October because we were out of country, and then we missed November because Derek was out of town for training the whole month, and we chose not to even try in December because of the upcoming deployment... so with all of that, and adding in a busy peak season at work, family visiting, Thanksgiving and Christmas and the deployment.... I haven't been around for much...

And as much as I hate deployments and being separated from Derek for so long, I am excited for this year and to tackle my goals!

Looking back at my word for 2015 and the habits I wanted to adapt I think I did quite well! My word was brave, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and I think I did that quite a bit! I met new people and I wasn't afraid to start conversations, I tried new recipes & food, I tried new activities and pushed myself on old activities, I even let go of a relationship that I held onto for so long and when I look back, I miss the good times, but I see that it was a difficult (not bad, but difficult for me and apparently them too) relationship for the most part and I feel at peace and I truly hope they do too!

My word for 2016 is...

In all areas from simplicity in my daily beauty routine, to simply being and listening. I am excited to work this into my life this year.

2016 Goals
-Get a few new tattoos (EEEK! I can't wait)
-Travel to visit family & friends (I also can't wait for this!)
-Re-brand/launch GAP & my Etsy (and maybe TFL too :))
-Find healthy foods that I love!
-Rock out!

January Goals
-Work on the branding side of things
-Start budget
-Clean out office
-Find a good cleaning schedule (this has been on my goals list for years... sigh)
-Take down all of the Christmas decorations

I'm keeping it light since we are almost halfway through the month already.

Do you have any goals this month?

November 04, 2015

november goals

Holy macaroni!! How is it November!? October sure was busy and November is proving to be busy as well! We had our first snow the other day, it didn't stick though... but last night.... it snowed and stuck!! I heard it last night as I was getting ready for bed, it sounded like rain/tiny hail hitting the sky light in our bathroom (Phoebe heard it and was so confused, she had no idea where it was coming from!). When I heard it, I went out front to see, and it was amazing! I quickly grabbed my phone to snap some photos, above is one that I got last night of the snow falling... Isn't it just beautiful!! It looks like glitter!! Sadly, by morning most of it had melted.

My October goals list was short because we were out of town for about half of the month - if you didn't read in my last post, you missed that we went to New Zealand and Fiji, but before that I was out of town for one of my best friend's wedding, and a concert before that!

October Goals
-Clean house - done! although everything was just moved from the main living area into the office or the guest room :/ 
-Finish dresser - oh. my. goodness. Y'all!!! It's done, and i love it!! There is a blog post coming for that soon!
-Exercise 4 times a week - I didn't get this one in, but while we were gone we did do hiking and our bungalow in NZ was on a super steep hill.. 

-Drink 8 glasses of water a day (I know I should drink more, but let's just start here) - I didn't get this either :/ it will forever be on my goal list..

On to this month:

November Goals
-Decorate for Christmas (this is already done - I always decorate on Nov 1-, but it was on my list for this month)
-Clean out the guest room
-Clean out the office
-Get our Christmas cards written and addressed, ready to be sent out in December
-Hop back on with #fitgirlsguide 
-Start our Christmas shopping
-Read "A Severe Mercy" with Derek

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